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How  to Prepare  for NDA Exam after  12th

How to Prepare for NDA Exam after 12th

How to Prepare for NDA Exam after 12th The National Defence Academy (NDA) exam is one of the most desired and prestigious institution for students who dream to join the Indian Army. The institution situated in Pune, is responsible for prepare young cadets and training them before they leave for Navy, Air force or Indian army for further training.  

As a result of the limited number of seats and highly large number of interested candidates, the competition is very high and it makes the selection process difficult after 12th. Hence, starting preparations for this exam after 12th a little early gives you an edge over the others improving the chances of success in NDA exam. 

This articles has a detailed plan along with tips on how to prepare for the NDA examination after completing class 12th.

  1. Knowing the NDA exam and understanding the system:

Any student who wishes to crack the NDA exam needs to understand the exam first before prepare. This includes the purpose of the NDA exam and required preparation plan and identifying if NDA is something that actually interests the 12th student. Once done, the 12th student should start by researching and analysing the pattern of the examination of NDA.

The NDA exam has been divided into two parts namely a written exam and an interview taken by Service Selection Board (SSB) interview after 12th. The written NDA exam consists of two papers: the General Ability Test and the Mathematics Paper (GAT). Five hours are allotted for the NDA exam, which consists of two objective multiple-choice examinations. 

While the GAT exam evaluates the candidate’s English language ability, general knowledge, and logical reasoning skills, the mathematics paper checks the candidate’s understanding of high school mathematics. The mathematics paper has a total of 300 marks while the GAT paper is of 600 marks. The interview has a total of 900 marks. Which basically based on 11th and 12th.

2. Preparing a study plan:

  1. Based on your strengths, your analysis of the NDA exam pattern and syllabus prepared a good plan to do well deep into your preparation for the NDA exam after 12th. The plan should have a proper schedule with timelines and targets to be achieved in specific periods. It should have allotted time for revision and extra time for completing the topics that are left behind in 11th & 12th. The study plan can also include the required books and resources to be used during the course of your preparation in NDA.

3. Strengthen your Mathematics:

The mathematics paper of the examination is based on the maths syllabus class 10 to 12th. It has questions on geometry, algebra, calculus, statistics and trigonometry. To be able to solve the questions in a quick manner during the time constraints of the examination, one needs to keep up regular practice of maths questions to have very fast problem solving skills. Practicing regularly will help to memorise the formulas and solving tricks easily to clear NDA exam.

4. Developing your English:

The NDA paper also has some good questions on English, General Knowledge and Science. Developing a good speaking and writing hold in English will be very helpful, not only for NDA exam  but in every spheres of life. This can be done by trying to converse in English language on daily basis. Reading newspapers, novels and watching English content on a daily basis. All this as a whole will develop your English speaking skills as well as technical skills like your vocabulary.

5. Following Current Affairs

To be updated with the latest current affairs, one can follow websites and newspapers that cover the slightest of current affairs and every aspect is covered. This will also help in your interview NDA preparation. Try to maintain notes of the current affairs date wise and topic wise and keep revising them regularly to make it useful during the examination. There are also many YouTube channels that make such videos to help students study current affairs in NDA exam.


    6. Solving Previous Year Question Papers:

    Just like any other examination, practicing the previous years is the best way to know the NDA exam and understanding the way to crack it. It helps to judge the question levels as well as analysing your preparation levels during any stage of the exam preparation.

    7. Using mock exams:

    There are many online platforms that offer mock tests at low cost that are very similar to the actual NDA exam. Appearing for the mock tests by simulating the real time exam environment can be helpful to prepare your mind in such a way that helps you to churn out maximum output during the actual NDA exam. It can also help you to point out your mistakes and make changes in your plan accordingly exam..

    8. Ensuring proper revision:

    No preparation is helpful without proper revision for NDA exam. Instead of trying hard to complete the entire syllabus, a student should try to have a strong hold on the already completed topics by regular revision before the NDA examinations. One should also try to keep one day in the week and the month to revise the topics that you might have completed during the week or the month.

    9. Not neglecting Physical health:

    Physical fitness is an important aspect of NDA exam. This also helps during the NDA examination, as a fresh mind will help you to generate maximum value of your body to score good marks.  Hence, never neglect sleep, eating habits and exercise regularly so that your physique remains intact during the NDA examination.

    Following the steps, being desperate and strong willed during the NDA preparation and with consistency, a student can easily crack the NDA examination after class 12th. One should belief in their abilities and keep working hard with dedication to unlock a decorated career in the armed forces.

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